Welcome to Kas Medics Limited

Kas Medics Limited was established in 1990, to cater and satisfy the demand of healthcare professionals, over the period, Kas has emerged as reliable, preferred & well-known partner for Tanzania healthcare community.
KAS has always adopted a positive approach towards ever changing technology and believes that innovative technology and skilled manpower can conceive amazing outputs, and all this has attributed to enhance the quality of products and services offered to its clients.
Today KAS holds a remarkable position in the field of Healthcare solutions and this achievement is the result of committed approach and execution of tasks by the highly resourceful employees.
Kas Medics Limited is member of Artemis Life sciences, Dubai, which has presence in various other countries like Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and many more which are financed through Viswamitra (VM) Dubai under Vista Group


Become preferred & reliable solution provider to healthcare professionals in east Africa through our highly skilled, professional & dedicated employees.


To support healthcare professionals with quality and affordable solutions in Tanzania

Why you should choose us?

Partnering and developing skills

KAS strongly believe in partnering and developing the skills within country,  Kas has setup simulation training centers

Flexible Terms

Kas also offers flexibile terms for developing the facilities by mutual agreement with both management. E.g., Rental, Lease, Placement

Trusted partner

Kas is always here as trusted partner from many years and have strong installation base in Tanzania market.

Strong service support

Kas has strong service support to attend equipment’s sold by team.

Kas is registered with TMDA.

Most of the Products Supplied and installed by Kas are registered with TMDA.

Project Success

Kas has already performed many projects successfully CEMONC, BEMONC

Join us : Annual/Monthly Medical Seminars

Manufacturing training provides employees with the skills needed for safely operating intricate machinery and efficiently completing complex processes.


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