A25 Biochemistry


A25 is an open fully-automated benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer, cost effective and suitable for any low to mid volume laboratory. A25 has It’s been designed to achieve highest performance with a great robustness and confidence in tests results. Code Test mL/Kit Code Test mL/Kit Easy-to-use • Liquid and ready to use dedicated reagents.

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Random Access Analyzer - Throughput of 240 test/hour - Clinical Chemistry ad Turbidimetry dedicated reagents - 30 refrigerated positions by 20 and 50 mL reagents bottles - Refrigeration system with switch independent from analyzer - 3 positions without refrigeration for sample and reagent racks - 24 samples per rack. Maximum capacity of 72 samples - Maximum capacity of 52 reagents - New dispenser arm assembly - Low dead volume sample and reagent - Impact detection system - Recalibration automatic positioning of needle - Primary tubes or pediatric cups as sample containers - Unlimited STAT capabi1ities. Run at anytime - Up to 15 minutes reading time - Reaction volume between 200 and 800 uL - Measurement Range from -0.05 A to 2.5 A - Spectral range 340 at 900 mm - Hard Coating Filter (340, 405, 505, 535, 560, 600, 635, 670nm) - Automatic conditioning of system fluid


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