Ritter Ultimate Comfort


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Left and right swivable. The left and right swivable unit can be switched from right hand use to left hand use very easily. The patient chair is synchronized – available as electric version and has a 30° chair movement for easy access. The unit has a memory-system spittoon position last position light off / light on The water unit has a self-contained clean water system. The multifunctional foot pedal control system is easy to use and supports an excellent workflow. The Ultimate Comfort is outstanding ergonomic and efficient for the daily use. Patient chair. Electric chair movement for fast and quiet movements Ergonomic design for comfortable seating also during long treatments Broad space for dentist‘s legs High-quality leather upholstery Chair swivel 30° left/right 4 programmable chair positions, plus last position Auto return function : If the safety switch is activated, the chair automatically goes up for a few cm Safety switches Trendelenburg movement: Seat and backrest movement synchronized Left and right armrest Double-articulated headrest


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