Automatic immunoassay analyzer MAGLUMI 800


A25 is an open fully-automated benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer, cost effective and suitable for any low to mid volume laboratory. A25 has It’s been designed to achieve highest performance with a great robustness and confidence in tests results. Code Test mL/Kit Code Test mL/Kit Easy-to-use • Liquid and ready to use dedicated reagents.

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Modes of Operation ● Random, Batch and STAT Sample Loading ● Up to 40 sample tubes ● Continuous loading, STAT available ● Analyzer auto numbered ● LIS connection ● Refrigerated sample area with independent power supply Reagent Loading ● 9 reagents on board ● Continuous loading ● RFID reading all info of reagents ● Refrigerated reagent area Reagent Features ● Integrated kit, ready-to-use, no pretreatment required ● Integrated kit including calibrators ● Using superparamagnetic microbeads ● RFID tag storing all info of reagent ● RFID tag with built-in master curve ● 2-point calibration to adjust master curve ● Calibration stability: Max 4 weeks Other Features ● Clot detection ● Liquid level detection for reagent ● Optional ratio for sample dilution ● Auto dilution for high concentration sample ● Constant 37℃ incubation ● 15-30℃ Operating Temperature


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