Automatic immunoassay analyzer MAGLUMI X3


A25 is an open fully-automated benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer, cost effective and suitable for any low to mid volume laboratory. A25 has It’s been designed to achieve highest performance with a great robustness and confidence in tests results. Code Test mL/Kit Code Test mL/Kit Easy-to-use • Liquid and ready to use dedicated reagents.

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Technical Specifications Reagent & Sample Loading: 72 sample position with barcode reader sample in each position can be defined as STAT 20 reagent positions with RFID reader, 24 hours refriedgerated at 10˚C (±3˚C) No pause loading/unloading of reagents/samples without waiting or interrupting tests Reagent and sample indicator light available, real time status monitoring, no need to check on the computer monitor Single reaction cup with integrated packaging: Single reaction cup can avoid light pollution and increase the cuvette utilisation Single reaction cup with integrated packaging can avoid the stuck of the cuvette and destroying the cuvette wall Intelligent UI Interface: New User Friendly UI Interface, supports multi-Languages Real time display for monitoring each test procedure, reagent and consumable quantities, its convenient for the management Intelligent error recovery Convenient Management of Analyzer Status: Intuitive indicator light of reagent, sample and consumables. No need to focus on the monitor, the status can be known by looking at the analyzer from a distance Accurate Pipetting Technology: Single needed coated with TEFLON to avoid carryover Independent washing unit for the needle, with different washing modes depending on differnt assay Pipetting detection technologies include liquid level, clot and crash detection can ensure accurate and normal pipetting. Accurate Incubation Technology: Single reaction cup with 5 sided heating at 37˚C (±0.3˚C) ensuring accurate, quick and uniform incubation Incubating 80 Cuvettes simultaneously Non-Contact mixing with different modes before incubation ensuring sufficient reaction High Efficiency Washing Technology: Magnetic separation washing with 4 step independent units and non-contact vortex mixing can reduce non-specific binding Different mixing modes depending on different assays, ensuring a sufficient washing to improve sensitivity Stable and Accurate Measuring Chamber: ABEI Label exclusive proprietory technology PMT with heating and cooling function, ensuring the detection precision Independent measuring room, avoid light cross-contamination


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